Who’s Who 2012 Roster

The following people not only have exemplary leadership abilities, admirable work ethics and solid work experience in common — they also all are proud that every day, they help people to achieve the “American dream.” Click through to see why these people are among Chicagoland’s Who’s Who in real estate.

Jenny-Ames Nancy-Tassone Jamie-Simpson Pam-Krieter Frank-Montro
Jennifer Ames Nancy Tassone Jamie Simpson Pam Krieter Frank Montro
Jill Clark Anthony Marinaccio Urban Real Estate Bob Floss Christine Lee
Larry Steinway Bernie Miller Rebecca Thomson Sasha Sukkert Ayoub Rabah Bert Gor Leslie Struthers
Landon Harper Lindsey Delrahim Peter Andreotti Debora Mckay Mike Nielsen
Amir Syed Deena Zimmerman Helen Oliveri Michael Shenfeld CONLON
Avid Solutions Philip Mistrata Mary Cook Steve Stapleton Joelle Cachey Hayes
Jack Persin
Tom Krettler
Matt Laricy Millie Rosenbloom Todd Condon David Cieslak
Sharbel Shamoon Ryan D’Aprile Nicole Fabiano Jenny Sepulveda Mike McNamara
Craig Sparling Michelle Bobart Nick Libert Brad Boden Mary O’Connor
Daryn Peterson
Joseph Caltabiano Ginger Downs Robert John Anderson Daryn Peterson Russ Bergeron

  • Sari says:

    Where is Gary Lucido on this list?

  • Marlene Bass says:

    Definitely not an excellent list! Don’t see any of the names of really top agents in the city nor the suburbs!

  • Maria Davies says:

    While there are many of our top agents on your list, many more are missing. How were the agents selected & why are there no photos pf the majority. Please do this again & please do a more professional presentation,

  • Brenda Rawls says:

    Is this list like the top Doctors or lawyers ? Where they PAY you to “be named top realtors”

  • Dino says:

    I know many of these agents and they are the top in their areas. Keep up the great work and congrats!! Dont pay any attention to those water cooler agents.

  • Coya Smith says:

    Is it True that the agents for these lists as well as snapshots are only if agent pay for it?
    Paid Advertisement vs. actual numbers?

  • Chicago Agent says:

    Coya and Brenda: Only exemplary real estate professionals who are excelling in their field are asked to participate in our Who’s Who issue. There is no cost to be in our Agent Snapshots (all anyone has to do is fill out this form: http://chicagoagentmagazine.com/submit/agent-snapshot-questionnaire/), My Styles, or appear on the cover of our magazine. For Who’s Who, we do ask a small fee to cover the cost of a professional photographer and the participant’s personal photo shoot in an elegant location, as well as for a quality, well-written bio that fits the participant’s liking.

  • Frank Montro says:

    Many of these agents are top ranked agents(check the Chicago association of realtors list) or amazing leaders in our industries. I applaud all of those who participated. They deserve to be recognized. Every one is entitled to their opinion. This is not a top producer list this is a who’s who list. This list includes top producers and leaders. Are there others that belong on the list, of course! I think a solution is to nominate someone annually that you think belongs in the issue. Then CAM can have other perspectives to choose from.Is everybody happy now!!!