Steve Stapleton

Steve Stapleton Steve Stapleton

Senior Vice President, Retail Mortgage
Mortgage Services III, LLC

Steve Stapleton is a leader in the mortgage industry. As senior vice president of retail mortgage with Mortgage Services III, LLC (MSI), he has nearly two decades of experience with major national lenders. He strongly believes in the importance of education and is a graduate of the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Future Leaders Program. And in his role at MSI, Stapleton actively draws on his experience and education to further grow the company and better serve clients.

Stapleton is responsible for the development of the loan origination arm of the bank, which includes merger integration to increase overall production and entity sales footprint, as well as sales management and retail mortgage originator team recruiting. Currently, Stapleton is focused on growing MSI’s retail both locally and nationally, as MSI recently opened up retail projects in Maryland, Texas and Ohio.

“I enjoy watching, assisting and training loan officers to take their careers to the next level,” he says. “I am passionate about all aspects of their roles at MSI – personal goals, production amounts, service standards, rock-solid relationships and career improvement. It is also important to me to help them achieve a work-life balance. To me, it is primarily about providing a great place to work, learn and grow.”

In terms of growth, Stapleton’s goal is to double MSI’s retail production in the next 24 months, both locally as well as in other markets. “It would be an honor to see MSI become a household name in retail organizations for our team, business partners and consumers,” he says.

Family has proven to be Stapleton’s most significant source of motivation throughout his career. In fact, he credits this very influence as the primary reason for his professional achievements.

“I am lucky to have a beautiful family that supports my efforts and career. My foundation is sound and my support system is the reason I am able to persevere and lead others successfully,” he says.

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