How to be featured in Chicago Agent magazine

If you are interested in becoming a source, being featured or sending ideas to our editorial team, you are in the right place! We encourage our readers to participate in our coverage of the local market, so take a look at the options and share your insights with us!

  • Agent & Lender Snapshot: We regularly run these segments on our website, and becoming featured is as easy as answering a few survey questions and submitting a high-res image. Get featured as an agent here and get featured as a lender here.
  • My Style: This is your chance to show off your unique flair. Those profiled in the My Style section are shot by our professional photographers, so they really get a chance to shine. Contact if you’re interested in being featured in My Style.
  • Expert contributions and story sources: We’re always looking for new ideas, innovative thinking and actionable advice to help our readers succeed in business. If you have expertise or a niche or business specialty that you feel would contribute to our editorial mix, let us know. You can also check out our editorial calendar to see if there’s an upcoming issue that you might be able to contribute to.
  • Who’s Who: This annual print issue is an invite-only round-up of the movers and shakers in the Chicagoland market. Email us to learn more about how we choose the agents, brokers, lenders, and developers who appear in this coveted issue.

Get coverage for your event

Have a party, conference or industry event coming up? Let us know, and we may send a professional photographer to cover it. Contact with details.

If you want to provide us with your own event photography, we do have a few guidelines:

  • We only publish photos of people in the industry. No consumers, please!
  • We’ll need you to supply all the names and companies of the professionals pictured in each image file
  • Photos should be high resolution and in JPEG format for best results
  • Photos may not contain watermarks, and you must be responsible for all permissions regarding photography use.

Sponsored content and advertising opportunities

However you want your brand promoted, Chicago Agent has an option that will fit your mission. Email to learn more about how we can put your message in front of more than 25,000 local real estate professionals. Or learn more about premium content opportunities here.

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