Nicole Fabiano

Nicole FabianoNicole Fabiano

Founder and Lead Negotiator,

Home Solutions, Inc., A Full Service Short Sale Co.

Every day, agents learn from Home Solutions Inc. Founder and Lead Negotiator Nicole Fabiano – literally. A short sale course written by Fabiano, a licensed CE instructor by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, was approved for Core B credit, allowing agents to take the course to fulfill this requirement, something she is very proud of.

“My team and I have helped over 1,000 homeowners avoid foreclosure by doing a successful short sale,” she says. “My company is unique in the fact that we offer short sale assistance from start to finish. I truly care about all my clients and do my best to educate them all on the short sale process – how it will benefit them now and in the future.”

From what she has seen, most competitors take on a file once there is an offer. Fabiano feels that getting involved from the beginning is the key to her team’s success. “Getting to know the client, their situation, their hardship and all that has gotten them to this point is what helps me set the correct expectations for everyone involved in the process,” she says. “No two short sales are the same, so we take what we have learned from all the short sales we have completed and paint the most accurate picture possible for the seller, seller’s agent, buyer and buyer’s agent. Surprises kill short sales, so the more we can do upfront, the better chance that the sale will close.”

Fabiano started her career in real estate 12 years ago in South Florida. When she moved to Chicago three years ago, along with her business, she says the market had not yet taken a hit like South Florida had, and hardly anyone knew what a short sale was. Her goal was – and still is – to help and inspire homeowners facing foreclosure who feel they have nothing left.

“I look deeply into each client’s hardship and do my best to set the best expectations possible,” she says. “Since I have been a homeowner that has been in pre-foreclosure and was able to short sale my home, I know the stress these homeowners are going through and can understand how they feel. This helps me relate to my clients on a level that many others that are in my field can’t.”

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