Bert Gor

Bert Gor

Bert Gor

Short Sale Specialist, The Short Sale Group, Inc.

RE/MAX Professionals Select

Bert Gor of RE/MAX Professionals Select has been highly successful in his last nine years of real estate. For five years in a row, he has been the No. 1 ranked RE/MAX short sale agent in Northern Illinois; he has also been ranked in the prestigious RE/MAX Top Five of all Northern Illinois agents and is the president of The Short Sale Group, Inc.

Gor attributes his success to a simple concept – not letting homeowners walk away. “If a homeowner has ever thought about walking away, there surely is a better option, and I have it,” Gor says. In the last two years alone, Gor has tracked down homeowners who abandoned their homes as far away as California, Florida, Poland, Trinidad and India, and convinced them to sell their home as a short sale and avoid foreclosure.

“It is extremely gratifying when you can convince someone, not just here in Chicago, but halfway around the world, that a short sale here locally is still better than foreclosure, and get the debt forgiven,” Gor says.

Gor’s ambition is driven by a deep sense of altruism. Using his unique gift of helping sellers avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy, he turns his attention to the “little guys” in housing, as he calls them – sellers defined not by the listing price on their homes but their need for help.

“I know how much the ‘little guys’ need help and don’t just look at what the list price will be,” Gor says. “I have always been someone who enjoyed helping others.”

And Gor is also fully aware of the importance of his line of work.

“The housing market has to stabilize for things to turn around,” he says. “And for the housing market to turn around, the foreclosures must go away.”

Gor is first generation to immigrant parents and has realized the struggles that his parents had growing up. As a devoted husband and proud father of two young girls, Gor especially enjoys the flexibility of his job, and how it allows for more family time that can never be replaced.

  • John Mazzolini says:

    Bert Gor just completed a short sale for our condo (investment property). We had attempted three different times prior to sell this property. He met with us at the outset and explained the process in detail and set expectations. Bert’s performance on this transaction far exceeded expectations. No real estate transaction goes off without a hitch but this was by far the smoothest transaction we ever experienced. Bert demonstrated complete confidence from day one and carried it through the closing. His advice was always honest and with our (the client) best interest in mind. I was extremely impressed by Bert’s knowledge and professionalism. Thank you for everything Bert.

  • Marc Mann says:

    Bert Gor delivers beyond expectations. His guidance, coaching and support throughout the process helped manage my expectations while ensuring a great success. His expertise, skills in negotiation, solid communications, and clear understanding of the Short Sale process made the difference. With great confidence, I highly recommend Bert Gor and his team.

  • Jane Ruddle says:

    Hi I am a California resident who Bert Gor took the time to guide me through some tough tax questions. He didn’t hesitate to take the time to send me information even on a holiday. And he had no personal /professional interest in my case. He would be someone I would want working with me in making difficult real estate/ financial decisions. Thank you Bert Gor for your help.

  • Bert Gor says:

    Hi Jane:
    I am glad I was of service to you. I was thrown off a bit when you first inquired and then I realized you were contacting me from California. I tell people every day, I am here to help them even if it is not of a benefit to me. It makes me feel good when I can help someone and they know up front I have nothing to gain. As a client once told me, “it is money in the Karma Bank”. Bert Gor

  • Mike & Julie Fijas says:

    My wife and worked with Bert in 2012 and thanks to Bert and his team, completed the sale in Oct. We can’t say enough about how knowledgeable, patience, professional and down to earth Bert was. He spent all of the time we needed to get comfortable and feel informed about the process. Then, he guided us through it with patience, persistence and consistent updates. Bert was always informed, honest and available. He truly helped us through a maze.
    We spoke with a few other reputable agents prior to Bert but once we spoke with him, we knew he was the right choice – and that couldn’t have been more true.
    Thank you Bert!

  • G. Rivera says:

    Hi Bert, It has been a few months since we last spoke. My family and I are doing great. We are now settled into our new home. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about everything you did for us. You have given us a second chance. Never would I have thought that what you and your staff did would be possible. It is hard to believe that I no longer have to live with that burden. I will always remember that day when you called to tell me that it’s officially over! Since that day I’ve had a smile from ear to ear and I owe all to you. You have put us in a great position to one day buy again.

    I remember that night we sat in my living room, and you explained to us the short sale process. I wanted to believe everything you said at the time, but I was nervous. Trusting someone I only met one time is not something I would normally do. Even though I was a bit hesitant, I’m so glad that we did!

    Looking back, I should have never doubted you but you have to understand that I was misinformed by so many other realtors. I just wish I would have talked to you sooner. You are truly a man of your word. Everything you said you would do, you did. Thank you so much for everything, we will be forever grateful. Junior Rivera & Family