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Chicago’s luxury real estate redux

Our expert sources also walk us through some of the more nuanced services high-end buyers are expecting and how those preferences differ between millennial, Gen X and baby-boomer homebuyers. Which neighborhoods are the hottest? We’ve got you covered on that one, too.

Getting the lay of the land

Our annual Truth About Agents Survey never fails to reveal long-term trends that we’ve seen over time, as well as market adjustments in response to current events. It’s always a treat to see which statistics we have changed and hear your thoughts on what it all means.

What’s next for mortgage lenders?

It’s been a wild ride in the mortgage lending industry over the past few years, and while the refi boom has slowed from where it was 12 months ago, the roller coaster continues with record home sales.

Say hello to Chicagoland’s real top producers

We want to congratulate all the top producers who made it into this issue and to all the brokers and other real estate professionals whose commitment to excellence keep the industry thriving year-round.

Charting the real estate landscape

Real estate professionals are facing many of the same hurdles we’ve seen over the past two years — but that’s not stopping the industry from planning for another record-breaking year.

What lies ahead for 2022?

Our expert panel of Chicagoland brokers, lenders and developers remain vigilant in their commitment to navigating the uncharted waters of a market like no one has ever seen.

Congratulations to the cream of the crop!

It’s one thing to be recognized for excellence by your employer or your clients or your trade association, but when a jury of your peers singles you out for merit, that’s something special.

Not your parents’ brokerage

Not satisfied with your commission split or maybe you feel your brokerage doesn’t offer the right kind of training and tech support? Not a problem. Agents are more empowered now than at any time in history to find a brokerage that meets their needs.

A wild ride for new construction

In this issue, we discuss the new-construction market with top Chicagoland developers and real estate brokers to learn their strategies for making these projects a reality.

Everyone, please take a bow

Meet the industry superstars who shined over the last year and a half and served as an inspiration to their partners and clients.

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