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Top Producers have some advice: ‘Get back to basics’

Gettting back to basics: It’s a recurring theme in this month’s cover story, where we speak with top producers about their approaches to finding success in a cooling market.

Could 2023 be the year the dust settles?

A boring, predictable year could just be what the industry needs out of 2023. And although we’re not brave enough to suggest exactly what will happen this year, it seems likely, barring any unforeseen world events getting in the way.

What does the future hold for real estate?

Once again, we’ve assembled our annual panel of experts to read the tea leaves and tell us what they see in our annual Predictions issue.

Real estate has its perks — a supportive community is one of them

As I was working on this month’s issue, it stood out to me how supportive those in the Chicagoland real estate industry are of their colleagues. It’s something you just don’t see in a lot of other industries.

Managing brokers, it’s time to bring your A-game

While much of their focus over the last few years has been on recruitment of new brokers, in this cooling market, their attention is increasingly turning to retainment. Learn more in our latest issue.

The ‘Wild West’ of new-home construction

There’s no real standard when it comes to commissions and bonuses for new construction, so it’s a little like the Wild West out there. Our latest issue, though, shines a spotlight on the industry.

Welcome to real estate

In our official Rookie issue, Chicago Agent is spotlighting industry newcomers. How are they adapting? Has their training been effective in an unprecedented market?

Marketing outside the comfort zone

Chicagoland agents tell us in this month’s issue that irrespective of which tactics you choose, when it comes to marketing your business, be prepared to step out of your comfort zone.

Overwhelmed by tech options? We’ve got you covered.

The best real estate tech stack doesn’t truly exist because every agent has their own tech needs. That’s why we release our tech-focused issue every year to provide a roadmap on which tech solutions are working for top agents across Chicagoland.

Chicago’s luxury real estate redux

Our expert sources also walk us through some of the more nuanced services high-end buyers are expecting and how those preferences differ between millennial, Gen X and baby-boomer homebuyers. Which neighborhoods are the hottest? We’ve got you covered on that one, too.

Getting the lay of the land

Our annual Truth About Agents Survey never fails to reveal long-term trends that we’ve seen over time, as well as market adjustments in response to current events. It’s always a treat to see which statistics we have changed and hear your thoughts on what it all means.

What’s next for mortgage lenders?

It’s been a wild ride in the mortgage lending industry over the past few years, and while the refi boom has slowed from where it was 12 months ago, the roller coaster continues with record home sales.

Say hello to Chicagoland’s real top producers

We want to congratulate all the top producers who made it into this issue and to all the brokers and other real estate professionals whose commitment to excellence keep the industry thriving year-round.

Charting the real estate landscape

Real estate professionals are facing many of the same hurdles we’ve seen over the past two years — but that’s not stopping the industry from planning for another record-breaking year.

What lies ahead for 2022?

Our expert panel of Chicagoland brokers, lenders and developers remain vigilant in their commitment to navigating the uncharted waters of a market like no one has ever seen.

Congratulations to the cream of the crop!

It’s one thing to be recognized for excellence by your employer or your clients or your trade association, but when a jury of your peers singles you out for merit, that’s something special.

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