Larry Steinway, Bernie Miller

Larry Steinway, Bernie MillerLarry Steinway, Bernie Miller

Senior Vice President, Executive Vice President

The Federal Savings Bank

“Our clients first are Realtors,” says Bernie Miller, executive vice president at The Federal Savings Bank. “Realtors can expect our loan officers to follow up and provide consistent service. We offer extremely competitive solutions for all types of loans, and we pride ourselves in helping Realtors sell more real estate!”

Larry Steinway, senior vice president at The Federal Savings Bank, is equally passionate about the company’s services. “Our clients are also certainly the homebuyers, and they can expect personal service, loan applications in person and a banker at the closing table to make sure everything is perfect,” he says.

Though the two have different backgrounds (Miller graduated from The United States Military Academy at West Point and completed nine years of service in the army as a captain and air cavalry helicopter pilot before working for Chicago Bancorp; Steinway worked for PHH Home Loans for more than a decade following a musical career as the bass guitarist for Rubygrass, which went on tour with Collective Soul and 10,000 Maniacs), they have three common goals for The Federal Savings Bank: they want the company to be known as the “go-to” lender in Chicago as well as nationally; they want to better publicize that the company platform is the ideal place for maximizing career potential; and they are looking to rebuild America, one home loan at a time!

“One of the key aspects of our platform is our culture. With our roots firmly planted in Chicagoland for over 17 years, we have the right mix to offer an entrepreneurial opportunity for bankers like none other. This culture, combined with the strength of a federally chartered bank platform, makes The Federal Savings Bank the place to be for mortgage bankers who are passionate about their future in our industry.”

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