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How to break into the luxury real estate market

“As a real estate agent, it is difficult to break into luxury home sales,” writes Michael LaFido, founder of the LUXE Designation. “If you’re trying to ‘break into selling luxury homes,’ my advice is to attend other agents’ luxury broker open houses in your market.”

The real estate market has changed, the fundamentals of a successful business haven’t

“There has been a lot of change that we all have experienced in the last few years. While change is a constant, the depth and breadth of the change has been historic. With all the change and challenge, foundational truths still apply in the real estate business.” — Dirk Zeller, CEO, Real Estate Champions

Supercharge relationship-building by mastering your CRM

“It’s possible to have a thriving business without 80-hour weeks and burnout by choosing to work by relationship and referral. Agents who grow by nurturing their database dictate their schedule, work manageable hours and are better equipped for market shifts.” — Marki Lemons-Ryhal, owner, ReMarkitable LLC

3 tips for taking days off consistently

Hard work is important, but what’s even more important is strategically doing the right activities and balancing those activities with plenty of rest.

Etiquette for agents: Behavior matters — even if you don’t make an offer

“If you want to be a true success as a Realtor, you must understand that how you present, react and treat others is the foundation of your business.” — Collette McDonald

Top Coach: 5 hits from 2021

Top Coach is a unique feature which highlights different agent voices across the nation. These contributors write about what interests and offer pertinent advice in this changing market.

Edutainment is here to stay! How to incorporate IG Reels, TikTok and YouTube Shorts into your 2022 plan

When it comes to social media and real estate, Katie Lance is often asked, “What is the best type of content to create and post?” The answer: edutainment.

Bring good news, cure curiosity and be an advisor

Fall is the perfect time of year to schedule a real estate review with our clients. We have an opportunity to position ourselves as advisors in reviewing their real estate assets and the markets that surround them.

9 Tips to start 2022 with the momentum you created in 2021

“If you can go into the 2022 selling season with your mind right, a well-thought-out business plan and your momentum in place, you will have a terrific start to the year.” — Jim Miller, Executive Vice President Designated Managing Broker — City Offices, Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty

Welcome to the real estate paradox

“Welcome to the real estate paradox: we always want more, we seek differentiation, we yearn for opportunity, we need more money, but we don’t change.” — Sandesh Bilgi, Vice President of Global Learning, Sotheby’s International Realty

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