Pam Krieter

Pam KrieterPam Krieter

CEO | Mainstreet Organization of Realtors

“We can’t just wait and change as the industry changes,” Pam Krieter, CEO of the Mainstreet Organization of Realtors (MORe), says. “Today, we need to be able to see those changes coming and be prepared for them in order to remain relevant to our members.”

This outlook has helped the association stay customer-focused and passionate about providing the tools and programs that members need to be successful in their businesses. “This year, we want to focus on raising the awareness of our members and consumers on the advocacy efforts of the Realtor association for homeownership,” Krieter says. “Some of our members do not realize the value of having an organization that steps up to protect the rights of homeowners. Whether it is on the local level regarding a municipal ordinance that could be detrimental to the purchase or sale of a home, or a movement at the national level to eliminate mortgage interest deductibility, a Realtor association will be there to fight to protect homeownership.”

After several mergers since 1995 – MORe is the combination of six former Realtor associations – it is now made up of 15,000 professional Realtors, the largest local Realtor association in Illinois and the fourth largest in the U.S. Krieter is adamant that MORe has big goals it would like to achieve, all for the success of its members. Recently, MORe installed video conferencing equipment in four satellite offices for those who can’t attend a live program. Sessions are also videotaped and available on MORe TV.

“There is so much passion throughout this industry about the roles we play,” she says. “Realtors are the ‘architects of the American dream – homeownership,’ and the staffs that support them have the dedication to assist in helping achieve their goals. Many look at the real estate industry as a driver of the economy, and we take that responsibility seriously.”

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