Philip Mistrata

Philip MistrataPhilip Mistrata

Owner, In Town Realty Group Inc.

Philip Mistrata approaches real estate with passion, honesty and a commitment to excellence. He has learned that the only way to be successful in sales is to be extremely knowledgeable about the product you are selling and to truly enjoy working with people.

“I am fascinated with all aspects of real estate,” Mistrata says, “and I absolutely love meeting and interacting with new people.”

“The best piece of advice I was given was to autograph my work with excellence each and every time, regardless of the size and scope of the transaction,” Mistrata says. “Your credibility is always on the line and that should never be taken lightly.”

After 15 years as an agent and investor, Mistrata started In Town Realty Group Inc., which focuses on residential sales, property and asset management. “Our company is currently working on establishing ourselves in the communities we serve,” he says. “We service sellers, buyers and are assisting local and regional assets managers to establish value on existing portfolios. We take pride in our accurate reporting. My goals for my company are to establish an honest reputation and assist my agents in building their careers.”

Mistrata is also working on expanding his sales team, currently working to acquire agents that can not only handle a fast-paced working environment, but who also truly enjoy working in real estate. “Recruiting agents that share my business values is important and one of my top goals for this year,” he says.

As his operations grow, Mistrata says the constantly changing atmosphere of real estate – and its limitless potential for success – will keep him inspired.


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