Matt Laricy

Matt Laricy Matt Laricy

Managing Partner, Americorp Real Estate

Matt Laricy’s level of energy out in the field is incomparable. He loves to meet new people, offering each client the highest level of service.

“Each morning, I wake up with excitement to see what the day will bring,” he says. “When one door closes, another one opens right down the street. Each day brings a new story, a new friend and a new opportunity to fulfill someone’s dreams.”

Laricy’s honest business ethic and passion for his clients shows – especially online, where he is the highest reviewed agent on Zillow and Trulia. He credits his responsiveness and effective communication.

“In today’s world, people want information, and they want it now,” he says. “I like to say I am quicker than Jimmy John’s at getting back to them. I try to respond to everyone’s needs within a few hours.”

Laricy’s knack for the business could possibly be in his blood – his grandfather and father both owned real estate businesses. He says he gravitated toward a real estate career and loves what he does.

“Not everyone is made to take the pressure and patience this business entails, but I have learned that if I am more than willing to put forth the effort, I will reap the rewards,” he says. “I am not one to follow in others’ footsteps, but I am certainly glad I decided to follow in my father’s.”

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