Rebecca Thomson, Sasha Sukkert

Rebecca Thomson, Sasha SukkertRebecca Thomson, Sasha Sukkert

The Thomson Real Estate Group

Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty

Rebecca Thomson has always put a strong emphasis on customer service, and from first meeting a client to the closing, service defines the Thomson Real Estate Group.

“Real estate can be stressful, and we pride ourselves in making the process as easy as possible,” she says. But it’s not just about finding a place to live; for Thomson, it’s about finding a lifestyle that works for her clients. “Buying a home is about buying into a neighborhood – buying into a way of life,” she says. From midnight phone calls to town car service, Thomson’s team is known for their tireless work ethic and the truly elite level of service they provide.

Thomson, the Chicago Women’s Council of Realtors 2012 president-elect and incoming director for the Chicago Association of Realtors, had co-founded a boutique firm before bringing her team to Jameson. The Sotheby’s brand was a perfect match for their clientele. “We are now able to offer clients the highest caliber of marketing and international exposure,” says Thomson. “The brand reinforces the high level of service we already provide and is something our clients can trust in.”

Sasha Sukkert, a rising star of the Thomson Real Estate Group, got her start in commercial real estate in Scottsdale, Ariz. Originally from the Midwest, Sukkert returned to Chicago and joined the Thomson Real Estate Group, where her background in interior design offers her clients a competitive edge. Her keen eye and tenacity have quickly established her as one of Chicago’s emerging powerhouses.

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