Editorial Calendar

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 Issue DateReservation DeadlineMaterials DeadlineTopic
ISS. 1Jan. 06Dec. 23Dec. 30Treat Your Business like a Business
ISS. 2Jan. 20Jan. 08Jan. 13Mortgage Lending – Winter
ISS. 3Feb. 03Jan. 22Jan. 27Managing Brokers: Policies for 2020
ISS. 4Feb. 17Feb. 05Feb. 10Real Data
ISS. 5Mar. 02Feb. 19Feb. 24Top Producers: Going Solo
ISS. 6Mar. 16Mar. 04Mar. 09New Construction – Spring
ISS. 7Mar. 30Mar. 18Mar. 23Disruption in Real Estate
ISS. 8Apr. 13Apr. 01Apr. 06Agents’ Survey
ISS. 9Apr. 27Apr. 15Apr. 20Open House Opportunities
ISS. 10May 11Apr. 29May 04Challenges of Selling Luxury Homes
ISS. 11May 25May 13May 18Rethinking Gentrification
ISS. 12Jun. 08May 18May 25First-Time Buyers
ISS. 13Jun. 22Jun. 10Jun. 15Tools and Resource Checklist for Your Business
ISS. 14Jul. 06Jun. 24Jun. 29The city report card: How Chicago is fairing in today’s economy, and a closer look at new construction, brokerages and lending data
ISS. 15Jul. 20Jul. 08Jul. 13Tech: Build vs. Buy vs. Partner
ISS. 16Aug. 03Jul. 22Jul. 27Investing in real estate
ISS. 17Aug. 17Aug. 05Aug. 10Lending update
ISS. 18Aug. 31Jul. 22Aug.7Who’s Who
ISS. 19Sep. 14Sep. 02Sep. 07New construction: The new starter home
ISS. 20Sep. 28Sep. 16Sep. 21Tech Issue
ISS. 21Oct. 12Sept. 30Oct. 05Good Agent/Bad Agent
ISS. 22Oct. 26Oct. 14Oct. 19The Rookie Journey
ISS. 23Nov. 09Oct. 28Nov. 02Agents’ Choice Awards
ISS. 24Nov. 23Nov. 11Nov. 16Giving Back
ISS. 25 Dec. 07Nov. 25Nov. 30Managing Brokers
ISS. 26 Dec. 21Dec. 09Dec. 142021 Predictions 

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