Gabriel Gomez, Home Lending Advisor

Chase Bank

Nominated once again by his team at Chase, Gabriel Gomez is honored to be recognized by Chicago Agent Magazine as a home lending advisor who always puts his clients’ needs first.

“My mindset is to help my clients understand the buying process and feel confident when buying a home,” Gomez says. “As long as they are comfortable with their payment and feel good about the experience we provide, we will continue to win this year.”

Originally from Peru, Gomez immigrated to the United States 17 years ago with $5 in his pocket and without speaking a word of English. Today, he’s one of the top Latino producing originators in the country and ranks on the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professional’s Top 250 Originators list.

While Gomez sees all types of loans in his market, he does a great deal of affordable loans. However, he says he likes to push and show that as a Latino originator, he’s not only able to do affordable loans or conventional loans, but also able to service jumbo loans extremely well.

“I love to represent my community and show them that the dream of owning a home is attainable, and that I am here to help,” Gomez says. “I think that as an industry, we are missing Latino representation in the luxury-jumbo space. I love to be one of the few Latino originators that does well in the jumbo product space and knows the product well.”

He’s eagerly anticipating an upcoming family trip to Peru to savor the nice weather, eat some ceviche and drink a cerveza or two.

“I also want and need to spend some good quality time with my family as the last few years have been crazy and have flown by,” Gomez says. “They mean the world to me, so I’m really looking forward to that.”

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