The Rizzo Group

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Pictured Above:

Sharon Kay Rizzo (Team Leader)

Beth Allen-Tiernan (Operations Manager)

Rick Panlilio (Broker), Ed Grabarek (Broker), Tarik Hage (Broker), Grace Botthof (Broker), Shannon Boyle (Broker), Kimberly Rizzo-Tota (Broker), Steve Shah (Broker), Alex Grange (Attorney-Broker), John Jensen (Broker), Mark Doyle (Broker), Bailey Wojtowicz (Broker), Kayla Lehman (Social Media Director), Mike Kravitz (Broker), Joe Yoon (Broker),

With a 40-year career in real estate, Sharon Kay Rizzo has the expertise to lead her team of agents and the wide swath of suburbs they serve. In addition to her master’s degree in speech pathology and audiology from Indiana University, Rizzo fine-tinued her communication skills as a broadcaster for NBC and as a professional model and public spokesperson.

Each member of Rizzo’s team contributes in a way that benefits the team as a whole and expands the impressive area they cover. Beth-Allen Tiernan serves as the operations manager, while the “solutions guy” is Rick Panlilio, a man with unique skills in non-traditional, off-market real estate. Kimberly Rizzo-Tota is the team’s experienced Realtor with a great eye for creative design.

The “go-to” guy for real estate needs is Ed Grabarek, an expert of 21 years in buying, selling and leasing. Grace Botthof brings her over 35-year career to the team, along with her wealth of experience. Practicing attorney Alex Grange brings legal expertise to the team.

Shannon Boyle covers the downtown area, along with Lakeview and the western suburbs, while former mechanical engineer Steve Shah and computer whiz John Jensen specialize in the northern suburbs. Tarik Hage specializes in the Magnificent Mile area and the western suburbs, and Mike Kravitz specializes in residential and investment real estate in the Gold Coast and River North areas.

Bailey Wojtowicz, the newest member of the team and a former teacher, and Mark Doyle, a college professor, love working with first-time buyers and imparting knowledge about building wealth through real estate. Finally, certified appraiser and semi-professional table tennis player Joe Yoon serves as the team’s seasoned investor/developer.

The team has earned numerous awards for their work, and they credit their “mentoring” business style as the key to their success with clients. They sell the dream rather than the real estate and sell the “live for free” concept to help their clients understand how to turn their investments into lifelong wealth.

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