Chicagoland Best Offices 2010

by Chicago Agent

2010 Chicagoland Best OfficesFor our Best Offices issue, Chicago Agent found the most exciting places to work in the Chicagoland area. These real estate offices in both the city and the suburbs have discovered how to successfully run an office while still finding ways to have fun and keep agents on their toes. With a managing broker who knows the importance of setting the tone for the entire office, these are the places where agents have all of their professional needs fulfilled, and are able to find success regardless of the market.

In the real estate industry, each agent has the opportunity to be an independent individual, but always needs a helping hand that can

come in the form of a managing broker for guidance and instruction. The head of any business has a tough job, but it’s always easier at a productive and educated office with an enthusiastic staff.

In our cover story, you’ll see profiles and pictures from a variety of different offices with their own unique presence and individual methods of conducting business. You’ll hear in the managing bro- kers’ own words what makes their office tick, and why it is the place to be. Managing brokers and agents alike can use the following pages to find out what makes these electrifying offices stand out from the crowd.

Choose an office from the list below a click here to see them all.

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