Coldwell Banker Lincoln Park Halsted Office

John McClintock, Branch Manager

John McClintock
Branch Manager

Coldwell Banker Lincoln Park Halsted Office

Whatever you are, be a good one.

— Abraham Lincoln
Coldwell Banker Lincoln Park Halsted Office

Coldwell Banker Lincoln Park Halsted Office

The Facts

How many years have you been a managing broker? 12
How many years have you been in real estate? 18
How many full-time agents are in your office? 60

The Details

What kind of marketing assistance do you provide? We offer both online and custom marketing options for our agents. Our agents get to choose from a menu of options so as best to serve their clients’ needs.

How do you get new agents acclimated to the company? We help our new agents with business planning, personal marketing, business building techniques, business coaching, branding, social media and website development.

What support does your executive leadership provide? They are very good at anticipating changes in business climate, and hold a firm belief that our company has the resources and talent to best help our agents’ businesses grow.

About You — John McClintock

What makes you different than any other managing broker? I am always an advocate for my agents if there ever is a challenge that needs to be worked through.

What was your history before being a managing broker? I sold residential real estate for six years.

What do you like most about the neighborhood where you work? Our office is located in a great neighborhood. In Lincoln Park, area businesses are thriving and are very good at networking with other local business owners. Also, the neighborhood has great restaurants, excellent retail and parks.

Why do you love real estate? Running a successful boutique real estate office in the heart of the Lincoln Park neighborhood for the largest residential real estate company in the country is both exciting and challenging. Every day is different. It is very satisfying to work through challenges, network with other real estate professionals and work in the greatest city!

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