CONLON: A Real Estate Company

Drussy Hernandez, Managing Broker

Drussy HernandezManaging Broker

Qui audet adipiscitur

(He who dares, wins)

CONLON: A Real Estate Company

At CONLON: A Real Estate Company, it is our goal to ensure that each agent within our firm is an expert in the neighborhoods he/she focuses on and is able to increase relationships and sales through hard-work, determination and excellence We stand firm on our mission and believe in staying strong in without shifting to the “robotic” feel of a brokerage We are accomplished at teaching our agents a grassroots approach of having a business plan, showing them how to best serve each client based on that client’s needs, focusing on marketing themselves and their services and also getting out there and meeting their neighbors and being a part of the community.

The validation of our accomplishments comes from our clients Our philosophy is that if your clients are not happy, then the brokerage is not accomplished We are ecstatic that our clients describe us as professional agents who will never waiver from putting their goals and needs first and work endlessly to achieve whatever is necessary.

Rich Kasper–Co-Owner, Tim Sheahan–Co-Owner and Sean J. Conlon – Founder/Owner

Rich Kasper — Co-OwnerTim Sheahan — Co-OwnerSean J. Conlon — Founder/Owner

About Your Office

How many years have you been a managing broker?
Drussy Hernandez – 6 Years

How many years have you been in real estate?
Sean J Conlon – 17 Years
Drussy Hernandez – 26 Years
Rich Kasper – 14 Years
Tim Sheahan – 14 Years

How many full-time agents are in your office? 80

The Details

Does your office have any specialties? Our office has many specialties We are all in tune with one another and have become a family We are never without a supportive agent to talk through a difficult transaction or troubleshoot any challenges that are presented Each and every agent on board is creative and each has their own strength, which is shared with the company as a whole Where one agent is less savvy in Internet marketing, the other lends a hand, and where one is less knowledgeable in working through a short sale, the other helps see it close from start to finish This, in my opinion, is our strength and an unusual specialty We specialize in distressed properties, commercial real estate, relocation work and residential

What kind of marketing assistance do you provide? We have an incredible in-house marketing team that has 10-plus years of experience in marketing in the real estate industry Our brochures, flyers, e-campaigns, website and presence because of our marketing have given the exposure to all our listings and to CONLON Real Estate as a whole We provide brochures, flyers and a professional photo shoot for each listing We have MLS support staff, subscribe to all national listing enhancements, stay up-to-date on technology and have iPad listing presentations

What do you expect of your agents? All we expect is that our agents support our CONLON “family” and keep the management team aware of any challenges that may come up We do encourage agents to attend all required meetings and to participate in any CONLON events as much as possible The agents at CONLON are also expected to continuously educate themselves on the current marketplace, staying ahead of the industry changes and provide their clients with superior service and excellence.

How are you approaching the challenges of the current market? As a brokerage, it is necessary to bring experts in to give seminars to our agents to keep them abreast of the ever-changing industry As of late, we have had several seminars with top-ranking lenders, short sale negotiators and extensive training in ethics.

Do you hold regular meetings? We hold a quarterly all-team meeting and attendance is recommended/required.

How do you acclimate new agents to the company? Each new agent that joins our family knows that we have an open door policy As a partner or managing broker, each agent knows that they are encouraged to come to our group with any questions, challenges or conversations they are seeking This type of mentality is contagious, which is why we have the strong camaraderie that we do at our company New agents are announced by either e-Flyer or postcard to our company and their contacts New agents are introduced at the quarterly meetings, and are introduced to agents around the office in the first few days of joining.

What kind of training do you provide? Without any cost to the agent, we volunteer a partner and/or seasoned agent’s time to join them on listing presentations, sitting floor, sitting an open house, etc Many new agents sit with members of our management team to build their business plan for the year and discuss their marketing strategies We also host seminars and training sessions to keep our agents current with the market trends and changes to the real estate laws

About You — Drussy Hernandez

What makes you different than any other managing broker? I have a listening ear and an open door whenever needed I am extremely hands-on with the agents and strive to be the backbone of our support group.

What was your history before being a managing broker? I have worked in the industry for over 26 years at every level.

What kind of training do you have? I have had on-the-job training I started as a receptionist in a real estate office in 1984 and moved up through ranks over the years I am certified in many areas and am the company’s real estate expert.

What is your favorite part about being a managing broker? I love the interaction with the agents.

Why do you love real estate? It’s an industry full of surprises and challenges, no day is the same.

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