Koenig & Strey Real Living, Schaumburg

Megan Tish, Managing Broker

Megan Tish
Managing Broker

Koenig & Strey Real Living, Schaumburg

You can achieve whatever you want to achieve.

Koenig & Strey Real Living, Schaumburg

Koenig & Strey Real Living, Schaumburg

The Facts

How many years have you been a managing broker? 4
How many years have you been in real estate? 10
How many full-time agents are in your office? 27

The Details

Does your office have any specialties? We offer real estate services for every type of property from luxury homes to bank-owned properties, and have a diverse agent base that serves all specialty markets.

What kind of marketing assistance do you provide? Our administrative staff assists with everything from ordering URL’s for the client websites to fine tuning the phrasing on the enhanced presence on Realtor.com. We will put together all brochures and order any related print materials pertaining to our listings.

What do you expect of your agents? The sales associates at our office have typically been in the real estate industry 11 years or more. While there is not a sales quota, there is an expectation of a high level of service and professionalism.

How are you approaching the challenges of the current market? We have found that by offering education, training, coaching and support, the sales associates have been able to achieve a higher level of success. It is more important to understand the market and what the challenges mean so that agents can help clients more effectively.

Do you hold regular meetings? We have two meetings each month. Attendance is only required for meetings that are focused on required training.

How do you get new agents acclimated to the company? Acclimating agents to the Koenig & Strey family is always done at the incoming agent’s pace. Here we run a fun game called Trivial Pursuit – Schaumburg. The office is divided up into teams, and questions range from knowing your fellow agents to license law to mortgage.

About You — Megan Tish

What makes you different than any other managing broker? I am a hands-on managing broker. I want my sales associates to feel confident and prepared; I am proud of them and all they accomplish.

What was your history before being a managing broker? I began my career as a sales associate with another large family-owned company. I eventually left and spent some time working in real estate franchising.

What is your favorite part about being a managing broker? My favorite part is working with my sales associates. They are all different and unique.

Why do you love real estate? Real estate is one of the last few industries where you can control your future and your success. For those of us who are independent, how you react to the challenges in real estate will define your success. If you are ready for a challenge, you could not pick a better industry to immerse yourself in.

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