Dream Town Real Estate Lincoln Square

Barbara O’Connor, Managing Broker

Barbara O’Connor
Managing Broker
Dream Town Realty Lincoln Square

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Dream Town Real Estate Lincoln Square

We opened our Lincoln Square office in October 2010 with 45 veteran agents. The office is spectacularly designed and built with green materials. Each work station has dual monitors, which increases agent efficiency. Our glass storefront features an interactive real estate touch-screen that is accessible 24/7. We also installed a commercial-grade barista machine to serve espresso and cappuccino brewed from our own, specially-roasted gourmet Dream Town Blend coffee beans.

Dream Town Real Estate Lincoln Square

L to R: Ziv Bensira, Victor Vita, Yehuda Cohen, Barbara O’Connor, Brian Mitchell, Susie Kanter and Neeti Arndt

The Facts

How many years have you been a managing broker?
2 months
How many years have you been in real estate? 19
How many full-time agents are in your office? 45

The Details

Does your office have any specialties? We have a
high-tech office.

What kind of marketing assistance do you provide? Full-time marketing, production, IT staff and a separate luxury and development marketing division.

What do you expect of your agents? We expect exceptional professionalism.

How are you approaching the challenges of the current market? We provide constant training and

What kind of training do you provide? We offer a full three-week schedule of classes.

What support does your executive leadership provide? We have numerous managers with specific talents and skills for all Dream Town agents to tap into their knowledge.

About You — Barbara O’Connor

What makes you different than any other managing broker? I know what the agents’ day-to-day challenges are as I have been an active Realtor going through the same things over the last few years in a rather challenging market. It is very exciting to be with a company that is in a growth mode, not only with increasing the agent population, but also as part of a brand new, high-tech office in an area that is booming.

What kind of training do you have? I have 19 years of sales experience and an MBA in human resources. I led a real estate team over the past 10 years, and I have years of experience dealing with hundreds of clients in managing their accounts.

What do you like most about the neighborhood where you work? I like the hustle and bustle of Lincoln Square and the diversity of the community.

What is your favorite part about being a managing broker? Helping agents grow their business and being there when they are looking for advice.

Why do you love real estate? Where else can you go to work every day and encounter something new each time you enter the office? Also, the various challenges and people guarantee there is never a dull day.

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