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Barbara Allen, Managing Broker

Barbara Allen
Managing Broker
Elan Realty Group

Learn to turn challenges into opportunities.

Elan Realty Group

Elan Realty Group

The Facts

How many years have you been a managing broker? 2
How many years have you been in real estate? 6
How many full-time agents are in your office?
Around 20

The Details

Does your office have any specialties? Elan was founded as a full-service brokerage focusing on residential leasing, which accounts for the majority of our business. We are true leasing specialists.

What kind of marketing assistance do you provide? Agents have access to Elan’s state-of-the-art website, which provides them with a multitude of marketing, CRM and management tools. Our full-time administrative staff is also available to support agents with all of their marketing efforts.

How are you approaching the challenges of the current market? Given our business model and its focus on residential leasing, Elan itself is a response to the challenging real estate market we’ve been experiencing in recent years. Our management team believes that there will be continued opportunity in the leasing market as housing trends take a new direction over the next few years. We also believe that a commitment to technology is a critical factor in a company’s ability to adapt to the current environment. For this reason, Elan is continuing to invest resources in new technology and intends to become known as a tech innovator moving forward.

About You — Barbara Allen

What makes you different than any other managing broker? I truly view my agents as my clients and am always striving to provide them with new and/or improved services that will help them succeed in their business. I also make myself very available to my agents.

What was your history before being a managing broker? I worked as an agent before becoming a managing broker, so I feel I’m able to relate to my agents’ perspective with ease. Prior to working in real estate, I spent many years working internationally in the development field. I have a management background in the financial services industry as well. I’ve discovered that both of these previous career paths developed skills that have readily transferred to my real estate career.

What is your favorite part about being a managing broker? I love this business because every day brings new challenges as well as new opportunities. I also love the fact that, ultimately, real estate is a business about building and maintaining relationships, which I genuinely enjoy.

Why do you love real estate? This is a business that truly rewards effort. You get out of it what you put into it. Be your own boss, set your own limits.

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