Javier Garcia, Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending

The Federal Savings Bank

Headhunted at the tender age of 16 by a top loan officer, Javier Garcia secured his originator’s license just a few years later and went on to become the youngest senior vice president with The Federal Savings Bank. He now boasts 23 years of broad industry experience. “Real estate and finance have prepared me for the inevitable and given me the stamina to deal with stress of any kind,” says Garcia. A Northwest Chicagoan at heart, he finds that one of his core strengths is his ability to organically relate to people from every walk of life.

Garcia is proud of his skill in supporting clients while simultaneously coaching his team of mortgage bankers to new levels. Organized and possessing interpersonal savvy, he sets expectations for clients with a dash of fun and raw authenticity. “I would say the most important quality about our team is our intentional approach to solve our clients’ problems,” he shares. “We believe that listening to their needs is crucial.” Garcia holds his staff accountable with attentive love and care, guiding them to business practices that will best serve them, their clientele and the company. Offering them much praise, he notes, “My team is my lifeline and the reason I am able to be a present father in my son’s life.”

Understanding that every loan and set of individual client needs is like a fingerprint, Garcia uses his unique experience to architect ideal loan solutions. His most notable accomplishments over the past year include having led his mortgage bankers in assisting more than 150 families, and reaching a new milestone of more than $50 million in loan funding.

Committed professional and community servant that he is, Garcia is a member of his local Realtor association and lends his time to a homeless outreach program that serves the local community on a monthly basis. A proud father, he is also a health and fitness enthusiast who acknowledges how positive lifestyle changes have improved his quality of life both personally and professionally.

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