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How Your Clients Can Get the Best Rate

In this evolving market, it’s even more important for Realtors to understand how to maximize their borrower’s purchasing power. Although I am of the belief that outstanding service, customized mortgage product offerings and timely closings should be the primary

The Truth Behind a Mortgage Forgiveness Act Extension

There are rumors around Washington that the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 (MFA) will be extended yet again. Such an extension would be very good news to our improving real estate market for a variety of reasons; however,

5 Ways to Prepare For the Spring Market

It is hard to believe it is already 2014, but it is almost harder to believe we have a full year of upswing recovery under our real estate belts. At this point, I’m sure sellers have caught wind of

The 5 Main Preferences for Homebuyers in 2013

What kinds of factors did homebuyers consider in 2013 when making their purchase? Homebuyers have a multitude of factors to consider when deciding upon a home purchase, but inevitably, certain factors will be more important than others. For an

5 Areas to Focus on in 2014

No two years in real estate are ever the same. With the changing regulations, market and economy comes a new focus for Realtors each year. Here are five recommended areas to focus on for 2014: 1. Calm Anxiety Over

Why it’s Smart to be a ‘Real Estate Stalker’

When you look up “Stalking” in the dictionary you will find various definitions. But the context I’m referring to is, “to pursue obsessively” or “to track an every move.” Our buyer clients tend to be “All In” or “All

Sell More in 2014 by Selling Less

Well, it’s finally happened: Bob Corcoran has lost his marbles. Sell more by selling less? Yeah, right Bob, how about you also tell me how to lose weight be eating a Dairy Queen ice cream cake?  Okay, I hear

The 5 Things Home Sellers Want From You

 What did home sellers want from their real estate agents in 2013? The method of selling homes has changed dramatically in the last 10 years, but the role of the real estate agent in the process – to market

5 Important Details About the First-Time Homebuyer
5 Important Details About the First-Time Homebuyer

First-time homebuyers play a big role in the housing market, but where are they in the scheme of the housing recovery? Twenty-eight percent – that was the share of first-time homebuyers in November, according to NAR’s latest existing-home sales

10 Luxury Home Features That are Trending – And 10 That aren’t

What luxury home features are hot right now with homebuyers? And which ones are riding off into the sunset? What luxury amenities are most popular with consumers in today’s housing market? In a fascinating new study by Trulia, the

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