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Charles Rutenberg Realty among top five large companies in QE Awards
Charles Rutenberg Realty among top five large companies in QE Awards

The results were determined by an independent survey of past customers, examining every closed transaction for the calendar

3 luxury buyer types you should know
3 luxury buyer types you should know

Luxury Portfolio International’s recent white paper, “The Affluent Homebuyer: a quest for meaning,” breaks down the new mindset of today’s luxury buyer. The report’s authors assert that traditional trappings of luxury are quickly becoming old and outdated, and today’s

The Top 3 Things that Homebuyers Regret About their Homes

No home is perfect, but what are the most common things that homebuyers regret about their residence, when it’s all set and done? Here’s an encouraging stat to help you sleep at night – 80 percent of homebuyers have

5 Important Agent Safety Tips For Selling a Home

Whether you like it or not, selling a home can put you in harm’s way, and you should take the necessary precautions. It’s an inconvenient truth about the buying and selling process, but one that bears repeating – as

3 Key Steps to Connecting with Your Clients

When you’re helping a client buy or sell a home, how can you make sure that you’re connecting with them as people? #85480827 / Real estate is a profession built upon communication, and unless you’re connecting with your

5 Bad Habits that Every Agent Should Avoid

Some bad habits seem endemic in real estate, and you’ll want to do your very best to avoid them. #81888249 / In real estate, there are bad habits and then there are bad habits, the common shortcomings of real

3 Ways to Leave a Positive Impression with Clients

All agents strive to leave positive impressions, and we’ve got the three principles to keep in mind to do just that. #184314711 / First impressions are undoubtedly important in real estate, but it’s the lasting impressions – the

3 Simple Ways to Show Your Clients the Proper Appreciation

No agent will succeed with unappreciated clients, but showing appreciation is actually much easier than it seems. #456780199 / Everyone likes appreciation, but it’s a safe statement to make that consumers love appreciation more than any group of

3 Surefire Ways to Damage Your Brand

In real estate, you’re only as good as your brand; make sure you avoid these damaging habits! #185410990 / As a real estate agent, your value is in your brand – and no, we don’t mean your brokerage!

4 Phrases to Avoid When Communicating with Clients

It’s important that agents avoid any possible slip-ups when communicating with their clients. #184312545 / When you’re a real estate agent, communicating with clients is often like ballet, with emotions, expectations, hopes and dreams all lying in the

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