Michael Bencks, Vice President of Mortgage Lending

Neighborhood Loans Inc.


Michael Bencks began his career selling orthopedic and spinal implants in the medical device industry, working shoulder-to-shoulder with top neurosurgeons throughout the Chicagoland area. He then transitioned to home lending, driven by a desire to help friends and family with the largest purchase of their lives. Joining a friend’s mortgage company back in 2008, he took a leap of faith and never looked back.

As the vice president of mortgage lending at Neighborhood Loans Inc., Bencks believes in the importance of over-communicating. With over 15 years of experience, he emphasizes the value of regular updates and strives to explain complex topics using simple language and analogies. He treats clients with a casual and personal approach, following the principle of treating others as he wants to be treated.

Recognized as Affiliate of the Year by the Chicago Association of Realtors in 2020, Bencks has also been involved with nonprofit organizations and actively participates in the Lincolnshire community.

In the past year, Bencks experienced a massive positive transformation in his parenting style after learning from clinical psychologist Dr. Becky about her “Good Inside” philosophy. This change improved not only his personal and work life, but also the lives of his wife and two daughters, reshaping their family dynamic permanently for the better.

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