Miz Ramadani, Producing Branch Manager

CrossCountry Mortgage

Growing up washing dishes, bussing tables and waiting on customers at his father’s restaurant taught Miz Ramadani the value of customer service and hard work, key ingredients he carries over to the mortgage business. “Our clients feel like part of the family,” says Ramadani, producing branch manager at CrossCountry Mortgage. “They appreciate the transparent and informative advice.”

The oldest of three children, Ramadani has made his business a family affair. He is joined on his team by his brother, Lani, and sister, Val. “When I ran out of family members, I was fortunate enough to add several more extraordinary people to my team,” he says. “My team is the main reason my customers are so well taken care of. I would not be where I am today without their help.”

Last year, Ramadani and his team assisted more than 300 families with upward of $80 million in funded loans. “We do whatever it takes to take great care of the client,” he says. “Most of my customers end up becoming friends of mine.”
Named a 2019 Top Originator by Scotsman Guide, Ramadani has navigated all types of transactions during his 22 years in the industry, learning important lessons along the way.

“We solve the two biggest complaints in mortgage lending: uncertainty throughout the process and unpleasant surprises at the closing table.” Ramadani says of his team. “We provide detailed and transparent options for the customer and constant updates, from the time they are getting preapproved to closing on their home and beyond.”

Ramadani and his team tailor the best options to suit each client’s needs and offer a roster of outside assistance. “Our help goes beyond the scope of home financing,” he says. “We have a great group of professionals we can connect clients with, from a local handyman or landscaper to a CPA or financial planner.”

A husband and proud father of three amazing daughters, Ramadani’s favorite place to vacation with his family is Disney World.

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