Rebecca Thomson, President / Principal

Chicago Association of Realtors / Thomson Real Estate

President, Chicago Association of Realtors
Principal, Thomson Real Estate

With an illustrious career starting in the mid-2000s, Rebecca Thomson serves as the president of the Chicago Association of Realtors. Thomson’s skill set is multi-faceted; her understanding of the complexities of a transaction and her innate ability to articulate it to consumers and brokers alike have led to her rise as a sought-after broker, consultant and speaker nationwide.

Thomson first caught the industry’s attention during the new construction boom with her iconic trolley tours. “New construction became a passion,” she says. “I saw a need in the market for better representation. Buyers deserve guidance from someone who knows the projects, the parties involved and the questions to ask; it’s how I ensure my clients get the very best deal.”

Thomson’s expertise and exceptional service have earned her a fiercely loyal clientele. She attributes her success to how she runs her business. “It comes down to delivering the full package each and every day,” she says. “I’m analyzing market dynamics, closely monitoring trends and surrounding myself with a great team to ensure that my clients have an experience that is seamless and memorable, from start to finish.” From hiring chauffeurs to concierge-level service, staging specialists, cutting-edge marketing and technology, Thomson has her bases covered.

Thomson is a fixture in real estate reporting. She is hard to miss, featured in newspapers, magazines, digital publications, even television and radio. With numerous designations in negotiation, buyer representation and even international real estate, Thomson knows what she’s talking about.

This spring, Thomson launched Thomson Real Estate Group where, in addition to brokerage services, she now consults with companies looking to bring that same level of service and expertise to their offices.

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