Give Then Take

by Agent X

Just like everything else in the world, this Thanksgiving is going to be different from any other. Part of the reason is because the Chicago Mayor has asked us to stay at home and stop spreading our gross germs all over the place. So it may be harder to get your hands on Grandma’s award-winning stuffing this year. On the plus side, you don’t have to pretend to like anyone’s disgusting ambrosia “salad”. I was going to mention that green bean thingy that people dump cream of mushroom soup into, but I have some friends that live on that goop. To help you get into the giving spirit, we’ve got a cover story that should give you some warm fuzzies. And then after you do a lot of giving, maybe it’d be OK to take a few things here and there. Just be sure you do the giving first.

Word on the street is that you agents are super busy out there selling homes and stuff, which is great news since so many businesses aren’t as businessy as they would like to be right now. One agent was telling me that their clients can’t get out of the city fast enough. What’s the point of living in the hustle and bustle with fancy restaurants nearby if you can’t actually go to any of them? Sure, this makes sense, but the pandemic isn’t going to be around forever! Eventually all those people will be flocking back to the city, and then you can reap the benefits when that happens. When life gives you rotten lemons, go ahead and make limoncello.

I guess you are all too busy to send me any gossip, so here I am empty handed yet again. Thankfully, my buddy Leigh Marcus posted a hilarious video on YouTube to keep me entertained. If you haven’t seen it yet, run — don’t walk — to your computer and look it up. Or, just lean over slightly and pick up your cell phone, which is probably currently in your other hand. In the vid, entitled “Between Two Plants”, Leigh does his own take on “Between Two Ferns” with his deadpan interview of Samantha Kalamaras. I have just one important question: Samantha, did you, in fact, call your mother? Actually, Samantha is the one who got the last laugh after sending vats of Olive Garden treats to Leigh’s office. Wondering why? Watch the video.

I’ve prattled on about nothing for long enough, so let’s do some birthdays. Noel Christopher and Jenny Ames get to celebrate their birthdays with a side of turkey this year on Thanksgiving day (Nov. 26). Then, Allison Ondrey-Malzone will celebrate on Nov. 29, while Zipporah Porton gets yet another year older and let’s hope wiser on Nov. 30. Then somehow we’ve already arrived at December with birthdays for Maria Davies on Dec. 1, Terrie Whittaker on Dec. 2, and Dan Kieres and Erin Mandel on Dec. 3. Kevin Dembinsky will get to raise a glass to himself on Dec. 6, while Kelly Maguire, Barbara O’Connor, and Andy M. Shiparski can toast each other on Dec. 8.

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