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by Chicago Agent

By Agent X

100 Issues of Chicago Agent — wow, quite an achievement wouldn’t you say? It’s larger when you consider CA has published over 4,500 pages of well-written, educational and informative editorial. CA has photographed and published over 1,000 events in four years, as well as coordinated, interviewed and photographed over 500 real estate professionals for all the cover stories. All of this was done with an average staff of six hardworking and dedicated individuals.

Agent X won’t make you re-live the entire four years, but I do want to focus on two motivating and inspiring factors that kept us going in the early days and thank the people who were involved.

First, to all of the naysayers out there, the people that told us it wouldn’t work and that Realtors don’t read, we owe you a debt of gratitude. When we heard all of this negativity, we knew we had something! One purpose of the magazine was to create a forum for people to read, learn, debate, argue, take sides and share feelings publicly. How could we have gotten this going without an opposing view? You made us stronger, smarter and more determined, and we appreciate your input.

Second, we want to thank the early adapters who not only bought into the concept 100 percent, but also supported us with editorial contributions and direction. You exhilarated us when you said we had a great idea and this is exactly what the Chicagoland real estate market needs. People like Terrie Whittaker, Alan Lev and Buzz Ruttenberg, Dan Gjeldum and Leslie Struthers, Nancy Taylor, Mary O’Connor, Alex Pearsall, Keith Giles, Glen Tomlinson, Darcy Dougherty, Danny Glick, Ed Schwind, Bob and Karen Ranquist and Deborah Johnson. Or how about Sean Conlon, who not only jumped on board immediately, but also made countless calls to get us in many doors. This is just the start of the list. To all of you out there who have contributed an article, invited us to an event with great free cocktails and munchies, gave us information when we had a deadline in an hour and, of course, all of our loyal readers we send you a huge “thank you” from the bottom of our hearts.

Now let’s get to the reason why you turned to this page: the gossip. I can’t be everywhere at once, so I’m counting on you readers to fill my inbox with tips at AgentX@chicago.staging312.com.

Jim Merrion was still “Smiley Jim” at the RE/MAX Star Awards even after the MANY awards were finally given out. Also at the awards, some Star Wars characters crashed the party. Watching these guests eat wearing masks that covered their faces was a real sight to see.

Even though a blizzard raged outside, Michigan Ave. Towers II party attracted a lot of attendees; I’m guessing it had something to do with the free booze.

The movers and shakers were moving and shaking these past few weeks. Coldwell Banker has taken over the marketing for Astoria Tower and Stephen Biossat, former marketing director for Rizzo Realty Group, has moved to director of sales for Oakwood Shores in Bronzeville. Elana Spector was named VP of marketing at Feurer Companies, which means she had to leave the warmth of sunny Miami and move to the icebox that is Chicago. Rhapsody Cove at Rock Creek is offering their “Muddy Tire Tours” to any agents interested in viewing the property from a dirty H2 Hummer; talk about an incentive!

We want to give a shout out to the first place Illinois winner at Westye Group’s Midwest Kitchen Design Contest James Fraerman, an architect for Fraerman Associates Architecture Inc. Also, Doug Durbin, with nuHaus won Best Dealer Showroom and was also selected as one of the regional winners. Congrats for some great work.

For some reason, Realtors just keep having birthdays. Here’s who to spank in the next couple of weeks: Ken Perlmutter on Feb. 21, Nicole Postas, Lauren Fox and Joanna McWilliams on the Feb. 25. Bob Kauffman on Feb. 26, Norma LoPresti on Feb. 27 and Elana Spector on March 5.

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