Lisa Evans, Real Estate Agent


With a passion for educating and expertly leading her clients through what is often their first time navigating a real estate purchase, COMPASS agent Lisa Evans fully embraces her role as a confident yet empathetic guide. “I thoroughly want my clients to enjoy the home buying and selling experience, so when they look back at the process, their experience was enjoyable and memorable.” By supporting and empowering her clients in this way, she receives the majority of her new clients from referrals of past clients.

Evans got her start seven years ago as a leasing agent for a property management firm before taking the leap to sales. As she built her business, she worked primarily in the city, discovering not only the distinct personalities of each neighborhood but also her professional inspiration along the way. Today she serves the western and southwestern suburbs as well as the city, but her motivation remains the same. “I feel this industry can be intimidating to new homeowners and really hard to navigate alone, but it doesn’t have to be with the right support by your side,” Evans shares. “Personally, prior to owning my own home, investing in real estate felt intimidating to me and honestly was something that I thought was unattainable before I had the knowledge. I often feel some clients perceive it the same way. That is why I have so much joy in educating and helping first-time home buyers, because it is a finish line some never thought they could cross.”

This passion for finding homes for others extends to Evans’ volunteer work at local animal shelters, where she helps displaced animals find homes too. When not hiking and camping with their two dogs, she and her husband volunteer with local rescue groups and provide temporary shelter for homeless pets.

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