Dan Gjeldum, Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending

Guaranteed Rate


The importance of the right financing can often be overlooked in the search for a home, especially for first-time buyers who may be less familiar with the lending environment. That’s where Dan Gjeldum comes in. With almost three decades of mortgage lending under his belt, Gjeldum knows the terrain well.

“When you look at the most successful Realtors and the most successful Realtor teams, they are all experienced,” Gjeldum says. “Same goes for mortgage professionals. Being in my 27th year as a mortgage professional and being as productive as I have been, there really isn’t a situation I have not seen and worked through.”

In addition to his experience, the industry veteran believes Guaranteed Rate’s team approach helps set him apart from his competition. “Clients describe my team and me as patient, detail oriented and diligent,” Gjeldum explains. “We handle first-time buyers with as much care as we do for clients with whom we have worked for more than 20 years.”

For Gjeldum, a keen eye for market fluctuations and an understanding of what causes them are what make a mortgage lender stand out. “With rates seemingly jumping up and then moving down multiple times a week, not to mention during a single day, I have done an extensive amount of studying markets and knowing what impacts rates immediately as well as what could impact them in the future,” he shares. “If a mortgage professional doesn’t understand what truly moves markets, there is a hole in their service profile.”

A high point of Gjeldum’s longevity in the business has been the loyalty he and his team share with their clients. “We are now handling our clients’ children’s mortgages, which is extremely rewarding,” he says.

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