John Charmelo, Real Estate Broker

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When it comes to work ethic, John Charmelo says he just won’t give up. “One thing I learned many years ago—you don’t have to be the smartest to be the best,” he says. “You have to have the drive and the hustle.”

Prior to beginning his career in real estate, Charmelo had a 27-year career trading foreign currency options at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. During this time, he dipped his toes into real estate by flipping houses and converting condos. Charmelo loved working with his own Realtor but was frustrated by the actions of many agents. 

“Two weeks after my 50th, I left trading,” Charmelo says. “I realized my skill set and work ethic perfectly suited real estate. I knew I could bring a unique perspective. Buying and selling real estate is far more complex than people think. It requires you to wear many hats and know where to get answers and, most importantly, be responsive. No client should ever feel like they are just a transaction. They should feel like a friend, and that you are the professional to turn to.”

In the past year, Charmelo has facilitated cross-country moves for clients/friends. His greatest achievement this past year, however, was getting the seal of approval from his friend’s mother, Billie Miller, a former Realtor. “She was asking me questions regarding her daughter’s home and I answered everything, and she gave her seal of approval. That meant the world to me,” he says. “She is a sharp woman and was a great agent.”

At the end of the day, Charmelo says he just loves to laugh and have fun, and he’s really just an “old kid at heart.” But the thing that really drives him is being underestimated. “It just fuels me,” he says. “It drives me harder. It forces me to learn more and do better.”

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