Sarah Martinath, Realtor


As a successful, leading Realtor in the Hinsdale area, Sarah Martinath follows The Golden Rule every day ensuring trust, responsibility and compassion in her work.

  After earning a bachelor’s degree in communications from Assumption College in Worcester, MA, Martinath was employed in the lending side of real estate transactions. Her transition from lender to Realtor was a natural pivot. She has enjoyed working with people and creating/maintaining relationships for the past decade. Her role as a Realtor is much more than listing and showing homes, it’s a commitment to hands on, step-by-step counseling to ensure her clients get the best results possible.

  Martinath is fully accessible to her clients and genuinely values their input. Her clients can always reach her, and she never fails to return a call, text or email. Her clients notice this pledge and they appreciate it. Her communication style enhances the overall productivity throughout the real estate transaction.

  Martinath’s niches include first-time homebuyers, first-time move-up buyers and right-sizing sellers. Single-family homes, condominiums, and townhomes are her concentrations, but she has experience with smaller commercial buildings as well. Her ‘keep it simple’ approach to real estate has earned her production awards. She knows that she’s doing well if her client list grows year-to-year, and she wants to serve clients well without measuring her success solely by commission numbers.

2021 was Martinath’s best year yet, additionally it was also her first Who’s Who recognition. Notably, her homes averaged only eight days or less on the market in 2021.

Martinath is family oriented. She and her family look forward to their annual vacation along the coast of Maine. True to her Boston background, she roots for Boston sports teams. Fun fact, her go-to favorite food is french toast.

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