Joshua Jones, Producing Area Manager


Clients can always count on an Eagle Scout for honest assistance. For 17 years, Joshua Jones has delivered exactly what he promises. “I do not overpromise anything,” he says. He relies on teamwork to get the job done. “Technically I lead a team, but we lead each other,” he says. “We learn from each other and make ourselves better professionals every day.”

Jones is a member of loanDepot’s Chairman’s Elite Club (2014-present), and serves on their Platinum Advisory Council (2018-present). Suburban Life newspaper also named him as one of their Top 40 under 40.

When doing business, Jones is no micromanager. “I stay in my lane,” he says, adding that he lets other professionals, such as Realtors and attorneys, handle their own tasks. “By doing this you can do more volume and units.”

In addition, Jones believes that his skill set, industry expertise and no-nonsense attitude make working with him a different experience. Having knowledge of diverse aspects of the industry also keeps him ahead of the game. Clients are pleased to discover that he’s easily accessible, answers his phone when it rings and isn’t the type to let problems linger. If he doesn’t have an immediate answer to a question, he finds one ASAP. Above all, Jones insists that taking time to ask his clients lots of questions is the key to his success. “You have to truly know your client to make sure this is not just a transaction but a relationship for a lifetime,” he says.

In 2008, Jones and his wife founded the JM Foundation, a non-profit organization that assists underserved people in their community with food, school supplies, clothing, bills and more. In addition to caring for his family, he also loves golf, 1950’s R&B, old records and hanging out with his 95-year-old grandfather.

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