Jerzy Mastalerczyk, Principal Broker with Masta Group


After years of working in the retail and corporate world, Jerzy Mastalerczyk decided to double down on his own business in real estate. Now, after six years in the industry, he uses his expertise and patience to serve his clients effectively.

Before entering a new market, Mastalerczyk likes to spend a few days exploring the area—shopping at local groceries, testing coffee shops and restaurants, and getting a feel for the neighborhood. He also joins local community Facebook groups to learn as much about new communities as possible.

After years of professional experience working with senior leadership, Mastalerczyk has learned to actively listen to what buyers and sellers need. He says that by asking the right questions, you can learn things about your clients’ needs that they didn’t even know. “Asking questions creates value and trust,” he says. “It’s instrumental to my clients—and my—success.”

One of Mastalerczyk’s proudest accomplishments of the past year was purchasing his first vacation home. “Growing up, many of my friends from school had parents with out-of-state vacation homes. I always looked up and wished to have my own,” he says. “In 2021, after years of hard work, planning, and courage, we purchased our first vacation home with a pool in Palm Harbor, Florida.”

Mastalerczyk is in the process of onboarding a new buyers’ agent onto his team. He’s very excited for the expansion of his group and the opportunity to create more time and options for his clients.

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