Brittany Simon, Real Estate Broker


Brittany Simon is a third-generation real estate broker. “I’m truly passionate about real estate and cannot imagine doing anything else,” says Simon. She brings more than a decade of experience to every transaction and extensive knowledge of what makes each neighborhood special. She grew up in the western suburbs and is raising her family there. Simon has also lived in different parts of the city and likes to share her parking tricks, favorite restaurants, entertainment venues, parks and walking trails with clients.

“My business is all about my clients and what’s in their best interest,” she insists. In this current market and the uncertainty it can bring, she enjoys being able to keep her clients focused on their goals. Simon operates with a high level of integrity and wants to equip her clients with as much information as possible. Her business is largely referral-based, and her approach is founded upon cultivating client relationships.

Priding herself on operating with a high level of integrity, she goes the extra mile for her clients and is a master communicator. A lioness when she needs to be, she doesn’t get pushed around in deals. In this market, buyers and sellers need a strong advocate in their corner to help guide them on how best to accomplish their goals. “I’m extremely confident in my knowledge of contracts and strategies to compose a winning offer or secure a great deal for my sellers, usually in record time,” she says. “I’m genuinely excited for my clients, and they can feel my enthusiasm for helping them.” Remarkably positive, she keeps the process moving forward despite setbacks. The year 2021 was her best year yet, and halfway through 2022 she is already close to surpassing last year’s success.

Fond of the outdoors, Simon enjoys daily walks with her goldendoodle, Snoopy; spending time on her boat with family and friends; and keeping up with her two children, both under 2.5 years of age. In addition to real estate, she is passionate about investing, interior design and rehabbing properties.

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