Sarah Martinath, Broker


Dubbed “the family Realtor” by her repeat clients, Sarah Martinath nurtures her personal and professional relationships to ensure that she has not only a steady stream of referrals, but more importantly, long-lasting friendships. A solo broker with Compass specializing in the western suburbs of Chicago, Martinath serves residential buyers and sellers, handling every transaction on her own. “I’m personally invested in all of my clients,” she says. “Their concerns are my concerns, and they deserve to know that I’m always there for them.”

Known for her accessibility and professionalism, Martinath goes to great lengths to establish trust early on through impressing upon her clients the realities of the market and the ways in which a deal can succeed or fall through. Promising a speedy response to every text, call and email, she knows that every update, no matter how small, can give her clients a sense of relief and the peace of mind of knowing that she’s still by their side.

Prior to earning her broker’s license 11 years ago, she worked as a loan processor, a loan officer and an account manager for a national mortgage lender. Despite no longer acting as a lender, she’s able to offer insights and guidance to her clients as they navigate their options. “I love real estate, and my background in residential lending gave me a solid understanding of the processes required to buy and sell properties,” she says, adding that having had to relocate five times over a 23-year span, she’s intimately familiar with the stresses of moving with children in tow.

Martinath adores her husband, three children and beloved dog, JJ. Her family always looks forward to their annual vacation along coastal Maine. True to her Boston roots, she is a true fan of the Boston professional sports teams.

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