Dympna Fay-Hart & Cheryl Bellavia, Brokers

Bellahart Group, Dream Town Realty

When you are open to opportunity, opportunity appears. Dympna Fay-Hart and Cheryl Bellavia met by way of their children, and their friendship and businesses grew from their first meeting.

Bellavia was in a mid-life career change, when Fay-Hart urged her to pursue building her own real estate business. Fay-Hart was Bellavia’s coach and mentor, and the two supported one another in their separate real estate occupations.

Over time, they grew personally, spiritually and professionally, and then in 2020, the world changed. Life looked very different, and the two long-time friends began to realize that their collective 42 years of experience provided them a unique opportunity.

After some reflection, it became clear that they should unite and form a group. “As knowledge increases, the responsibility to share it becomes evident,” Fay-Hart says. “We understood it was time to help others and bring light to their paths. Our name, BellaHart, represents a piece of each of us, which is the foundation of our group. It is a collection of those with beautiful hearts. Our group focus is to care for, guide and support all those that aid society.”

Bellavia says the two are grateful for the gift of humanity and their group’s ability to help families and individuals move onto the next chapters of their lives. “We understand the importance of being a full-service Realtor,” she says. “We are proud to partner with others that treat all people with respect and compassion. The BellaHart Group began as a mustard seed and continues to flourish from the power of many who gather to serve.”

Fay-Hart and Bellavia are both top producers in Chicago real estate; the team specializes in the Northwest side.

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