Mayra O. Rubio, Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending

Neighborhood Loans

Every deal comes with a story. Mayra O. Rubio has collected many of them throughout her 18 years in lending.

When her best friend from childhood, with whom she lost touch 20 years ago, emailed to tell her she was buying a home for the first time and trusted only Rubio to handle the deal, it really touched her heart. “One thing I love about my career is the level of trust people have in me,” says Rubio, senior vice president of mortgage lending with Neighborhood Loans. “The fact that I was the only person on her mind that she could trust, considering we hadn’t spoken in what seemed like a lifetime, meant the world to me.”

Within a couple hours of their initial call, Rubio had her friend preapproved. “She immediately started working with her agent, and her loan was approved and clear to close with flying colors,” she remembers. “She grew up in apartments her whole life, and now she is a proud homeowner and has provided a home for her daughter and parents.” It was definitely her most heartfelt deal of 2020, and the old friends are still connected as if time never passed.

In 2020, demand for loans was so high that every time the “self-sufficient originator” set goals for herself, she had to move the goal post because she met them quickly. “In what felt like a long shot, I set my ultimate goal of $25 million in volume and 100 closed units by Dec. 31,” she recalls. “With about $10 million and 30 deals short, I laser-focused on my goal and didn’t stop until I reached it.” Ultimately, she funded over 110 deals with upward of $25 million in volume for the year.

Included among NAHREP’s top 250 loan originators and nominated as a Scotsman Guide top originator based on 2020 production, Rubio is “the family loan officer” for several families who continue to send referrals her way.

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