Regions Bank

Christopher Kopec, Vice President and Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS 232592

Scott Schwarz, Assistant Vice President and Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS 210211

Bill Chiganos, Assistant Vice President and Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS 192830

Donald Meadows, Vice President and Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS 152137

Serving everyone from first-time homebuyers to affluent professionals, the Regions Bank team leverages decades of experience to tackle hurdles that trip up novices.

Before his 20-year mortgage origination career, Christopher Kopec gained experience in every department in the industry. Taking time to understand clients’ financial priorities is how he initiates every transaction. “I have the ability to navigate the often-complicated mortgage process in order to arrive at the destination my client has chosen,” he says.

Scott Schwarz applied his strong mathematical background to a job in the mortgage industry after college, and 25 years later, he’s still at it. “I believe in value,” he says. “My goal is to have a good selection of programs and rates and to take a complex process and make it as simple as possible.”

In 1999, Bill Chiganos left a salaried position to become a commissioned originator and never looked back. “Mortgage lending is not easy, but I don’t give up. I find solutions for my customers and am persistent,” he says. “Focusing on advocacy, I present my clients’ story to underwriters in a way that goes beyond numbers.”

A bad experience purchasing his first home drove Donald Meadows to earn a real estate license and later become a loan originator. He still enjoys collaborating with other loan officers and Realtors 28 years later. “I don’t believe we are in a competition with other lenders,” he says. “We are all here to help.”

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