George Kamberos, Mortgage Consultant

Blueleaf Lending

With an emphasis on client education, George Kamberos approaches his work with a personal touch. Kamberos has eight years of experience in residential lending, now operating as a mortgage consultant at Blueleaf Lending and serving all 50 states.

Kamberos has long had a passion for real estate, having grown up watching his father work as a general contractor and renovate beautiful homes in the Chicago area. This interest led him to become a buyer at a young age, flipping his first condominium just one year after graduating from Loyola University Chicago. As Kamberos went through the loan process to purchase his home, the loan officer he worked with took the time to educate him on all available options and how best to structure financing. This positive experience opened Kamberos up to the lending side of the real estate business, and he started working shortly thereafter with that very loan officer, learning about different loans and supporting his mentor’s book of business.

Today, Kamberos continues the tradition of client education that drew him into the lending world. “More-educated clients make better decisions and end up being more-loyal clients in the future,” he says. “After trust has been built, clients are much more comfortable referring me to people in their network.” He starts all new relationships by getting to know the individual and their goals before preparing a homebuyer’s guide.

“I go the extra mile to make sure I’m not just sending information and quoting rates, but tailoring the options I’m presenting to their specific goals and explaining the pros and cons of each option,” he says. “It goes a long way to build trust with clients and ultimately makes working together much smoother.”

Kamberos has found success in his education-first approach, operating 100% on referrals. He finds a sense of achievement in knowing that his clients consider him responsive, relatable and dedicated. In 2019, he hit his yearly volume and unit goals for the first time ever.

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