Brandy Simon, Licensed Real Estate Broker

Compass Real Estate

Real estate has been a lifelong passion for Brandy Simon. As a child, she would tour open houses with her family on the weekends for fun. So, when Simon and her husband moved to the North Shore and expanded their family, she resolved to pursue a career in real estate. “I made the decision to do what I loved,” Simon says. “I never imagined my reality would be even better than my childhood dreams.”

Prior to segueing into real estate, Simon enjoyed a 20-year career as a corporate insurance broker, where she developed the ability to actively listen to her clients’ needs and navigate contract negotiations to broker mutually agreeable solutions. “I had the opportunity to engage with C-suite-level executives, marketing analysts and company employees at every level,” Simon says. “Learning how people can view the same situation quite differently has prepared me to analyze the needs and wants of my clients from various perspectives.”

A member of the North Shore-Barrington Association of Realtors, Simon is actively involved in its Professional Services Committee. Her clients describe her as polished and trustworthy with a touch of fun. “Learning how to stand out from the crowd has made all the difference in my ability to become successful,” Simon says. “My professional background mixed with my extroverted personality gives buyers and sellers a sense of excitement, the comfort of partnership and the security of knowing that my methods work.”

Focusing on the North Shore and the northwestern suburbs, Simon has clients ranging from first-time buyers to city-to-suburb movers to right-sizers. She believes that transparency is vital to her success. “I learned early on from a mentor that it’s OK to say, ‘I don’t know, but I’ll find out,’’’ Simon says. “In my personal experience, my clients really appreciate the hard work that goes into researching the answers to their questions.”

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