Bradley Gordon, Senior Loan Consultant

Key Mortgage Services Inc.

Born and raised in the Chicagoland suburbs, Bradley Gordon takes pride in helping to make dreams come true in the communities where he works. Growing up, he was heavily influenced by his grandfather, a custom homebuilder on the North Shore who worked on two homes for Michael Jordan. In high school, Gordon’s sales greeter job at a local car wash gave him the confidence to speak easily to hundreds of people. He still puts that same skill to use every day in the mortgage industry.

“Real estate is all about building and maintaining relationships. It’s also about providing excellent service to my clients and partners. That piece is non-negotiable; it’s a priority,” says Gordon, senior loan consultant with Key Mortgage Services Inc. “What’s a better fit for a person like myself, who loves talking to people?”

Gordon’s photographic memory allows him to recall everything from a client’s life story to their phone number without writing it down. “I like to know about them beyond their finances,” he says. “And I like them to know about me beyond my job.”

After 18 years in the industry, Gordon still appreciates that the harder you work, the better you do. He’s earned Key Mortgage’s Founder’s Club status each of the six years he’s been with the company, and before that, was named a National Achiever throughout his four years at Chase Bank. “Growing up with hardworking parents is the key jolt of who I am,” he says. “I have followed in their footsteps.”

Gordon’s motto for living is, “You only live once, so make sure you bring your A-game so there are no regrets looking back when you are older.” He lives his life with positivity and tries to surround himself with those with a similar energy.

A lifelong fan of Chicago sports, Gordon never misses a Bears game. In his free time, he loves hanging out with his beautiful wife and their baby girl.

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