Emma Butler, Senior Mortgage Loan Officer

Neighborhood Loans

Few people love numbers and analysis enough to base not just one, but two careers on them. Yet that’s exactly what Emma Butler did. After starting in information technology, she took the problem-solving skills she learned there and applied them to her work as a senior mortgage loan officer at Neighborhood Loans.

“I love working with numbers, complex scenarios and people,” says Butler, who has been at Neighborhood Loans for two years and in the industry for 15. “Being a loan officer allows me to do all three. Honestly, I love getting up every morning and making a difference in my clients’ lives and overall goals. Some days I make my team laugh when I exclaim, ‘Who’s life can we improve today?’”

The opportunity to develop a client-focused business drew Butler to real estate. She found that combining her technical skills with a desire to help clients in a variety of situations was challenging and rewarding, as one of her strengths is finding answers to tough questions. She loves a good challenge any day and is always up to the task.

Butler works to make the loan process less intimidating, especially for nervous first-time homebuyers. She lets clients know that she’ll be with them each step of the way, but more importantly, she keeps the process fun with her enthusiastic attitude. Clients respond by coming back to her when they have other real-estate needs and recommending her to their friends; past clients referrals make up 50% of her business. As a result, Butler is on track to double her production for the third year running.

Butler works hard to come up with creative, custom solutions for clients. “I take pride in being able to find the best program and situation for them, and sometimes present ideas they hadn’t even thought of before,” she says.

When she isn’t crunching numbers, you’ll find Butler biking along the lakefront and then rewarding her efforts by cooking a gourmet meal at home with friends and colleagues.

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