Matt Flaherty, Senior Home Lending Advisor


As a 2018 member of the Chase President’s Club, Matt Flaherty, a senior home lending advisor, is among the top mortgage professionals in the country. Working with everyone from first-time homebuyers with 3 percent down to private clients seeking jumbo loans, Flaherty brings 20 years of experience to the table, along with direct access to the private banking, business banking and financial planning services that set Chase apart. “I excel at creatively looking for ways to meet my clients’ goals,” says Flaherty. “I enjoy building relationships with my clients and learning what is important to them. After taking the time to understand their goals, I’m then able to create a plan and work with my team to seamlessly execute it.”

Beginning his career in financial services immediately following his graduation from the University of Virginia, Flaherty combined his economics and business education with his passion for service. “I’ve always enjoyed serving other people in a fast-paced environment,” says Flaherty, adding that he takes pride in his efficiency and availability.

With the help of his two assistants, Nick Natale and Melissa Beale, Flaherty maintains a calm and professional demeanor, enabling a swift and smooth transaction. “I always have my clients’ best interests in mind,” he says, adding that a recent client referred to him as a “mortgage wizard.”

Even when he’s not at work, Flaherty remains connected and available. This past year, while winding down a dream vacation in Australia with his wife, Mary, he received an urgent call from a client making a home offer. “I was able to issue a Chicago pre-qualification — from Sydney —finish packing and make it to the airport in time to fly back to Chicago!”

He and Mary live in the Ravenswood Corridor with their 2-year-old French bulldog, Yogi.

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