Best Business Practices

Real estate unplugged: Growing closer through social distancing

An experiment that was expected to last a few weeks has now become a transformational moment for Dream Town Realty.

First-time buyer seminars in the age of COVID-19

If you want to build your business around first-time buyers, you would do well to follow the lead of Ryan Gable.

How informed, empathetic lenders and agents can make the difference for first-timers facing a chaotic market

“We need to remind ourselves that we are all in this together. We’re in a bad spot as a country, and we need to get through this together.” — Tim Brigham, branch manager at Union Home Mortgage

From passive reaction to seizing the day: How the Chicagoland market is changing

Learn how a proactive attitude can solve contract cancellations, as well as uncertainties looming over your clients and the market overall.

How team leaders model resilience in the face of COVID-19

Running a business during a pandemic isn’t easy. So what if you’re responsible for multiple people’s businesses all rolled into one entity? Leaders of several Chicagoland real estate teams share their tips on how to thrive under pressure.

Conversations under COVID: How to talk to clients during a crisis

Whether it’s explaining how real estate transactions work under a disaster proclamation or just being a good listener, Chicagoland brokers are finding communication to be the key to keeping their business running.

Advice for maintaining ‘mind, body and business’

RE/MAX’s weekly motivational messages offer guidance for agents to keep moving forward during COVID-19 pandemic and preparing for what comes once it’s over.

3 ways landlords can be a resource for struggling tenants

Being proactive and finding ways to connect renters with assistance can help property owners and managers stand out as leaders in troubled times.

In the meantime: How Chicagoland brokers are getting ready for the rebound

Whether business is crazy busy or super slow, there are ways to react to the pressures caused by the coronavirus pandemic that will create positive waves for your business today and tomorrow.

How title companies are hedging bets and keeping closings on track

The process of closing a real estate deal when vital city services are curtailed or temporarily unavailable is complicated. One local title attorney shares what’s changed and what the industry is doing to keep everything moving as smoothly as possible.

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