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Innovation or disruption? The real state of the market

The word “disruption” has become somewhat cliche in real estate, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a real phenomenon. Lawsuits, venture capital, tech companies and shifts in consumer patterns all threaten to displace agents from the transaction. How can brokers and real estate companies prepare?

Disrupt, follow or get out of the way: Industry leaders offer their take on new market forces

You can’t put every kind of technological innovation in the industry, from online discount brokers to iBuyers to comparative market analyses powered by artificial intelligence, into the same bucket. Learn how industry leaders and technology trailblazers say brokers need to adapt.

Chicago’s bike infrastructure is growing. Learn how to incorporate it into your business

Chicago brokers are incorporating biking into their business, not only because it’s a carbon-neutral way to travel, but also because it’s complementary and beneficial to their work.

How Chicagoland agents are dealing with COVID-19, Insta-style

In this time of social distancing, there’s a fair amount of scrolling through social media happening. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Check out these posts highlighting acts of goodwill, charity and positivity from the local real estate community. 

Sean Conlon is back, and he has some advice

With season two of “The Deed: Chicago” set to premiere on CNBC, real estate mogul Sean Colon talked to Chicago Agent about the market and the secrets behind his success.

No team required: How to succeed on your own

How do solo practitioners compete without a team? We talked to successful top producers to find out what they do to stand out, and why starting a team isn’t on their to-do lists.

Busting the myths of top producer status

It may seem like there’s no path to top production without hiring a full-time assistant or focusing exclusively on the most expensive properties in Chicagoland. But Nicholas Colagiovanni flies in the face of that point of view.

Balance? What balance?

It can be tough — some say impossible — to achieve harmony between work and family when you’re in real estate. Here, Chicagoland top producers offer some techniques that can help.

Two ways agents can fail buyers and sellers, according to clients

A new Century 21 study found that most consumers are satisfied with their experience during the transaction, but there are a few fixes that real estate professionals could implement to improve the situation.

Taking care of business: Shifting your mindset from agent to business owner

Because most brokers are independent contractors, they often have to be their own accountants, marketers, office managers and schedulers. Here are some concrete steps for real estate professionals who are ready to get serious about the shift from “agent” to business owner.

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