Truth Hurts

by Agent X

As the most sage poet of 2019 sang effortlessly in her hit tune, truth hurts. But I’m here to tell you that Lizzo isn’t always right. Sometimes the truth is actually just fun gossip, and you know that’s Agent X’s favorite thing in the whole wide world. And then of course there are varying different kinds of truths. Whole truths, half-truths, one-quarter truths; you get the idea. Let’s assume that all of the truths in the cover story are fact, and the information below is as close as we can possibly get.

I already knew CAR President Antje Gerhken was a rock star, but now she is bestowing that title onto others. When she’s not serving her presidential duties with CAR, Antje is the president and managing broker at A.R.E. Partners, and recently she handed out some Rockstar Realtor Awards to deserving professionals at an event held at the SOPHY Hotel.

Have I got a house for all of your voyeuristic clients out there! Platinum Real Estate Group recently completed a three-year greystone rehab in Ravenswood where the entire front was replaced with a single pane of tinted glass. I understand the glass is tinted, but that’s a lot of space for the neighbors to see — or rather, a lot of space for you to see your neighbors.

33 Realty and Cubed Construction teamed up with Irving Park Community Food Pantry for their annual Easter Basket Drive and raked in a lot of chocolate bunnies. Barb Gresey and her team hopped right in to put the event together and help make Easter a little more special for families throughout Chicago. Celebrate Easter or not, that holiday has some of the best candy to offer, as nothing beats a Cadbury Creme Egg.

Speaking of Easter and all things spring, how about a round of applause for our spring babies! Anne Ewasko, Carrie Jo Little and Dennis Dooley celebrate on April 8, Dennis Huyck gets wiser on April 11, and the fabulous Lauren Mitrick couldn’t be any more fabulous, but we can give her gifts on April 12. April must be the month of the Dennis, because then we have Dennis Shaffer also doing his thing on April 14. Judy Gibbons celebrates on April 18, David Wolf on April 19, and best buds Tommy Choi and Josh Weinberg share the most fantastic 4/20 birthday. Sam Sharp will get sharper on April 24, while the world-famous Leigh Marcus shares his big day on April 25 with two wonderful ladies with three names each: Jennifer Mills Klatt and Ivette Rodriguez Anderson. Monica Canellis celebrates on April 26, Stephen Hnatow on the 27th and Tim Brigham on the 28th. Nancy Taylor and Steve McEwen are birthday twinsies on April 29, and Marty Winefield rounds out our April big days on the 30th.

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