Times they are a-changin’

by Agent X

Times they are a-changin’

It feels like the 100th time I’ve written a new construction column for this magazine, but this time we’re talking climate change. And with the 60 degree weather in February, it’s safe to say something wonky is going on, even if some don’t want to believe it. That’s about as political as I’ll get, aside from reminding everyone to go out and vote. I don’t care who you vote for (I mean actually I do, but I’ve been warned over and over again by my editor that I’m not allowed to share my political leanings). Just go do it and post selfies of yourself wearing the cool sticker.

Moving on… Grace Goro Kaage was recently spotted at the digital driving range with her little one. I didn’t see the score sheet, but I wonder if this was baby’s first bogey. Better than baby’s first boogie, no?
Jennifer Ames is more than ready for her closeup, Mr. LaFido, even if it is just of her voice. She recently loaned her knowledge and her pipes to Mike LaFido’s podcast, where they chatted about how to prepare clients to deal with SALT rates. That’s state and local taxes for anyone who is too embarrassed to ask. And, for the record, you should be.

Speaking of selfies and voting stickers, another Super Tuesday takes place the day after you devour this current issue, which also coincides with St. Patrick’s Day. And then at the end of the week, it’s time to head out and drown your sorrows over busted brackets. What an exciting time it is to be alive in March! I wish you luck in your endeavors this week.

Party time! On March 4th, everyone who is anyone gathered at the Chicago Accelerate Summit. Lots of fun nuggets to report, and in case you missed any of it, Matt Laricy’s assistant vlogged his entire session, so at least you can watch all of that. I want to give a shout out to that person who tried to sneak in without paying. Nice try, buddy. But my favorite part of the summit was when Joel Schaub asked the crowd if anyone likes murder. He was trying to get into a story about partnering with someone who does a true crime podcast, but I suspect there are better ways to get to that point.

If you didn’t already know that March 8 was daylight savings, you’re probably in big trouble. I’m guessing you’ve been late to a few events and you may have been wondering why the sun has been out for so long these days. In my opinion, it’s worth losing an hour of sleep if it means spring is on the way.

On March 12, WCR partnered with YPN to get app’d! Guests enjoyed old-fashioned appetizers after downloading new apps onto their phones. Attendees of the event learned about apps that could help them run their business (the phone kind, not the food kind). I had my assistant add the apps to my phone, but then I dropped my phone into my martini, so I had to start over.

Spring birthdays mean that winter is almost over! First, Tammy Hajjar Miller celebrates on March 19, while Mary Summerville parties on March 20. Melissa Archer-Wirtz will get wiser on March 21 while Michelle Bobart will do the same on the 22nd. March 24 is a big day in real estate, as Peter Moulton, vlogging fool Matt Laricy and Matt Silver all celebrate. And then Marissa Lanzito and Judy Greenberg share a March 28 bday, while Peter Olesker and Deena Zimmerman get to party down on March 29 and March 30, respectively.

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