What Your Clients Really Think of You

by Jason Porterfield

CarolCoverSeveral years ago, Coldwell Banker agent Carol Best was approached by an acquaintance from the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce about helping him buy a home. He let her know that it might take up to two years of working with him and his parents to find a place in the city. He told her that he thought she would have the best read on any properties they viewed, and that he knew she would work hard on his behalf.

They went out and viewed about six properties before coming to one in the 2800 block of North Commonwealth Avenue. She encourages clients to be honest and communicative about what they like and don’t like, so that she can make the best use of their time and act as their eyes and ears. He liked the place so much that he set his sights on it that day, and she was able to get a good price for him.

“He’s still living there today,” she says. “But the best part of the sale, for me, is the reason he chose to work with me. He knew he could trust me, he knew I was thorough, he knew I could be a hard negotiator on his behalf. He knew I had enough experience and expertise.”

He knew this before he ever met her, because with more than 22 years of experience in real estate, she has solid testimonials and reviews to bolster her credentials and attract new clients. She encourages reviews from her clients – and if you look her up online, you’ll see that they emphasize her honesty, her integrity and her determination to get a good deal for them. She seeks feedback not only after the signing, but throughout the process, so that she can adapt her tactics to best serve the client.

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